The Art Department + The Resource Exchange

We were thrilled when Azuka Theatre Company donated a set of thirty folding chairs with desks from Pookie Goes Grenading. Totally thrilled.

photo courtesy of Azuka Theatre Company

As awesome as these chairs were as crazy columns on the set, their potential to be used as actual desks in an actual classroom was also huge!

When dealing with materials at The Resource Exchange, you learn fairly quickly that the one thing no one has enough of is time. It takes a day to strike a show; it takes months, sometimes years, to find a new home for the materials. The Resource Exchange is a sort of theatrical material purgatory, where materials with a high potential for reuse wait for the day that possibility can become reality.

For the Pookie Goes Grenading chairs, the next adventure has arrived! Last week, they were purchased by our friends at The Art Department. This Fishtown gallery and workshop space will be using the chairs to support their workshop series. This past Saturday, they hosted author Eleanor Callott Whitney for a workshop called “Grow: How to Take Your DIY Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job.” We can’t wait to see what’s up next in the workshop series — visit them to find out!

art dept chairs