Beautiful Bird Houses!

If you’ve been in the store lately, you may have seen the beautiful reMade birdhouses on our reCreate table.  They’re made by local artist, Roberto Roque, who uses reclaimed lumber.  20130904_144016_resizedThe houses are made with small scrap pieces of plywood that Roberto sands extensively until they become extra smooth.  It’s a great way to use those small pieces of wood that usually end up getting ‘thrown away.’  He has found some of the wood at The Resource Exchange, others he salvages.  Once the wood is cut and sanded, Roberto builds the houses…with the birds in mind.


2013-09-15 14.39.13_resizedRoberto makes the houses with glue that is nontoxic to the birds, and he sizes the holes perfectly for specific species of birds.  Lastly, he places his small tag on each house.  They say, “pluma,” which means feather in spanish.


His finished products are both beautiful and unique.  You can see some of Roberto’s work on display in our store now.






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