Seneca Weintraut’s “Are You Hungry Tonight?”

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 1.03.42 PM

Regular Resource Exchange Customer and local artist Seneca Weintraut often comes into our store looking for salvaged materials and solutions for a wide array of art projects and installations. We’ve previously featured one of his pieces and the use of reclaimed fur! This time Seneca was on the prowl for something much bigger…think tall, green, and saved from theatre…

green cardboard tubesHe used our unique green tubes that were salvaged from the set of The Arden Theatre Company’s production of Robbin Hood to create the hidden away layer of his character in the most recent installment of the “Are You Hungry Tonight?” videos entitled, “Part II: A Strange and Terrible Wilderness.” You can watch the video below and see how he used and distressed the tubes to add to this wacky environment.

Are You Hungry Tonight? Part II: A Strange and Terrible Wilderness from Seneca Weintraut on Vimeo.