Saved from the Democratic National Convention!

Saved from the Democratic National Convention!

DNC stadium strike 9In case you missed it, the Democratic National Convention took place here in our lovely city of Philadelphia last week. Like with any large scale event, there can be a lot of waste and materials left to organize once it’s over. So, the DNC contacted us to see if we could help keep some of the materials out of landfill.
DNC stadium strike KarynDNC stadium strike 5They specifically wanted us to save any of the materials that were used to create the many signs that were hung up all over the stadium. If you attended the DNC, then you probably noticed all the signs pointing people in the right directions, telling people where to sit, and advertising the event sponsors. These signs are printed on foam core, plexi, vinyl, and plastic mesh, all of which can be used more than once. We definitely didn’t want to see them thrown “away,”  so the re team went down to the stadiums and loaded a truck full of the signage!

DNC stadium strike Dennis and Alison

DNC pricing sheet goods

Now in the store we have many sheets of foam core, sintra, large fabric banners with grommets, and other sign material that would be great surfaces for so many artistic projects. All that’s needed is a coat of paint to get a fresh surface.

DNC signs 3

Fan of the DNC? We also have a few signs that you might not want to paint over!

DNC large banner in store DNC large banner sign

DNC signage corner

We were even able to save some almost pristine sheets of clear plexi, which is versatile for so many projects, artistic and home improvement alike. Come by The Resource Exchange to see what we have! Many of the smaller sheets of foam core (which we’re selling for $2 or less!) are already going fast!



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