Salvaged Lumber Storage Bench at Philly Maid Green!

static1-squarespaceThere are a bunch of reasons why we love Philly Maid Green, a house cleaning service located at 2nd and Berks (just a few block away from The Resource Exchange!) Firstly, they implement 100% sustainable practices in every aspect of their services. They use handmade, non-toxic cleaning products and offer educational workshops . “We’re not just a cleaning service, but an environmental initiate to create greener, cleaner and healthier homes and communities throughout Philadelphia with education, affordability, and impeccable service.”

Philly Maid Green isn’t only environmentally responsible with their cleaning practices. Owner-Operator Brie Parker is a regular customer at The Resource Exchange and recently purchased some lumber that the re team saved from a film set.


A lot of times, lumber that is donated to us is in like-new condition because a large amount of it comes from film sets, which only use the new lumber during filming, and then discard it after the shoot is over. This makes our reclaimed lumber selection great for all kinds of  projects. Brie used it to build a custom size storage bench for all of Philly Maid Green’s cleaning supplies!

bries-philly-maid-green-bench-4 bries-philly-maid-green-bench-5

The bench, set in a bay window inside their office, also doubles as a cozy day bed. They also used salvaged lumber from the re to hang their office hammock above the storage bench.


Looks like a pretty neat set up they’ve got there! Learn more about Philly Maid Green and their environmental cleaning services.