Raising Voices with Reclaimed Postcards

Regular customer and former reCreate Featured Artist Kristie Landry uses salvaged materials from The Resource Exchange in her works all the time. Most recently, though, Kristie has been using stuff from the re to make her voice heard. Postcards are something we get at the re quite often. They’re one of those items in our store that you can take the time to flip through and find just the right one for the kind of message you want to send. Instead of buying or printing all of them new, Kristie found some postcards in our piles that spoke to her and used them when she went to a post card writing party.

In addition to writing on vintage and salvaged postcards, the writing-party-goers also used paper to make their own and printed message driven cards.

Writing postcards or sending letters lately? Peruse our reused postcards first, before buying new! If you’re making your own or printing out already designed ones, we also have reclaimed paper for art and office purposes. Thanks for sharing, Kristie!