We’re Expanding and Moving in 2019!

The Resource Exchange and the NextFab North maker space are moving to 1800 N. American Street, a 60,000+ square foot building along the American Street Improvement Project Corridor, as both organizations prepare to scale. This synergistic collaboration will leverage the strengths of both of our organizations by combining NextFab’s tools, technology, and training with The Resource Exchange’s reclaimed materials and sustainable arts mission and programs.

The large industrial scale of this new location provides an increased footprint for both organizations, including multiple loading docks, a large shared parking lot, and enough square footage for additional aligned subtenants. NextFab will offer expanded departments including jewelry and textiles, and rentable artist studios. The Resource Exchange will increase the amount and variety of the material saved and the creative projects that are enabled. There will be a shared gallery space in the building, as well as a more space for educational workshops and events.

“We are very excited to grow our organization in partnership with NextFab in a larger building within our existing neighborhood. This collaboration with NextFab will forge a new type of makerspace + materials marketplace in Philadelphia that will make multiple important connections between creativity, sustainability, technology, industry, and community.”
– Karyn Gerred, Founder and Executive Director of The Resource Exchange

“We’re extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share a space with The Resource Exchange.  It opens up a lot of new possibilities for us as a company to become more sustainable and for our members to have access to a wide variety of materials, all in one place. In many ways, it’s a perfect partnership.” 
–  Dr. Evan Malone, Founder, and President of NextFab

To celebrate the future co-location, NextFab and The Resource Exchange have partnered to host Making Materials Matter – An Open Forum on Sustainability in The Arts on 10/22. This event will be a free-form discussion that will bring together a diverse group of experienced individuals and organizations in order to brainstorm ways of creating without creating waste. The event will be held at NextFab’s current North Philadelphia location at 1227 North 4th Street on Monday, October 22nd at 6:00PM. More information here!