From Sand + Sea to The Random Room

Thanks to former re staffer, Julia Wierski, these fun beach toys will get a second life within our creative community instead of getting lost at sea!

“I’ve been spending about 5 hours a week, since November 2020 cleaning beaches mostly in Ocean City, NJ, but also Corson’s Inlet State Park and Higbee Beach in Cape May, NJ. I go out, and just start picking up anything that doesn’t belong there. It’s been interesting to see the differences in what I find where. Higbee Beach seemed to have the largest diversity in types of trash – it seems to be brought in by the tides.”

“The beaches in Ocean City seem to be more populated with trash and debris that has been left on the beach by beach-goers, that then gets lost in the sand and then reemerges as the winds and tides move sand around. Corson’s Inlet has an astonishing amount of debris, mostly fishing gear debris (lines, hooks, sinkers, etc) and due to large swaths of erosion – decades worth of debris are uncovered after any storm surge. For example, I found soda bottles from the 20’s and beer cans from the 50’s among the previously submerged relics.”

“Unfortunately, due to the condition of most of the materials I find, I’m unable to separate these items for recycling, and they just become trash that is removed. The biggest offenders are small (quarter-sized) pieces of random hard plastics, plastic bags, gun shell casings, fireworks debris, cigar tips, and plastic water bottle caps. But occasionally, especially after heavy winds or storms, the dunes unearth these lost beach toys.”

Find them in the Random Room! Along with loads of inspiration, items & materials full of potential. Fill small, medium, or large discounted bulk boxes– perfect for students, educators, workshops, & more!