Allyson Church

“The high level of care taken on handcrafted objects feels like a deep expression of love and commitment; to the process, to the finished object, the user or viewer, and to the Earth itself. My mother and grandmother, both extremely practical, frugal women, instilled in me that life should be lived as efficiently and with as little waste as possible, for moral, financial, and environmental reasons. In contemporary capitalist culture, convenience, and cheaper, low-quality manufacturing often take precedence over quality and sustainability. However, the prudence and thriftiness of my family taught me values I am attempting to embody in my process today. And it’s always so satisfying to see a beautiful piece of artwork come from what would otherwise be thrown away!”

Allyson Church is a printmaker, quilt enthusiast, and flower farmhand based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born in Trenton, NJ and raised in Central MA, she received a BFA in Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has exhibited her work across the United States and in Italy. Allyson draws inspiration from dreams, strange and fantastic stories, and traditional crafting. Her love of making things is matched only by her love of gardening.