Jeffrey C. Dressler

I believe that art is a heightened form of human language. It is for your consideration. It may be nameless, elusive and vague. But it is always imbued with embodiment.

For me art making is an invocation, a dare to chance a mysterious return to origins. One chooses to enter an endless cave, violence ensues and equilibrium is formed. The martial artist knows such things.

The concentration of my recent body of work is on the communicative energies within the human body——the active state of dynamic healing power that lies within us all on a microcosmic level.

Much like a dream happens upon you, so too, my paintings happen upon me. Opening me to a life all their own, and in doing so, affirm my own life – causing me to feel more alive. This interconnectedness is a co-dependency on each other for a life of full existence – A Symbiotic Happening. 

-Jeffrey C. Dressler

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