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Envisoning The Future: A Vision Board Workshop with Sarah Kolker

April 16th, 1pm-3:30pm

Vision boards, also called inspiration boards or dream boards, are creative visualization tools made of collaged pictures, words and quotes that both:

  • clarify and illustrate goals 


  • use focused visualization to increase the likelihood that those goals will be accomplished 

Finding images and words that resonate with your goals and dreams and organizing them on a 2d or 3d surface can help get your mind into the perspective of what is possible. We live in a world of changing times. Our well being is threatened by many things –  GMOs, oil spills, and dare I say it, global warming. We also live in a world of possibilities and an abundance of junk. If we focus on those things, we live in a really scary time. However getting stuck in the negative will not help much. What can we do to save our selves and our home, the Earth? What happens when we turn that “junk” or extra into something useful? We become resourceful.

Participants will be shown examples of vision boards that Sarah has created and offered time to journal about dreams and goals before creating their own 2D or 3D vision board out of an assortment of reclaimed materials.

workshop fee: $5
Space is limited, so call 267.997.0060
or email us at info@theresourceexchange.org to rsvp.

The Resource Exchange will provide basic crafting materials. Additional supplies can be purchased from our warehouse full of reclaimed and salvaged arts materials during the workshop.