Command + V
A Matisse-Cutout and Collage Workshop

Saturday, December 3rd, 2-5pm

reCreate Featured Artist, Rob Polidoro, will lead participants in using reclaimed art materials to learn about Matisse-Cutouts.

Rosalind Krauss points to Picasso’s use of collage as an Avant-Guard precursor to the pastiche and anti-historical practices of Postmodernism. This workshop will look to Picasso’s contemporary, friend, and rival, Henri Matisse and his use of self-made collage; what became known as Matisse-Cutouts. By utilizing cutouts of his own design as a medium, Matisse was able to further abstract and re-contextualize the shape and form of his earlier painting practice, opening himself up to new and felicitous era of image making. In the post-postmodern world we live in, where digital images can be copied and pasted to infinity like an endless collage, how can we intervene and bring the human hand back into our lives? By investigating Matisse’s cutouts, we can ourselves expand our artistic practices and breathe new life into our artistic consciousness.

Basic collage and cutting materials will be provided, participants can also purchase additional supplies from our warehouse full of  reclaimed and salvaged arts and making materials.

Workshop Cost:
$10 per person
Space is limited, so call 267.997.0060 or email us at info@theresourceexchange.org to rsvp.