New Hope Academy + The Resource Exchange


Remember when Simpatico Theatre Company donated lumber from The Amish Project?

Well — those 1x8s have a new home!


The lumber being loaded above is on its way to New Hope Academy, an alternative school for grades 6-12 with locations in Yardley and Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The Academy is definitely worth further research, as they have a unique approach to education and the personal success of their students. For now, here’s a brief description [via their website]:

New Hope Academy was established to give each student the opportunity and capability for success.  NHA specializes in motivating and educating school-phobic students, at-risk teens, gifted students, those with IEPs who need additional help, and students who just feel that they do not “fit” in their schools.  NHA provides the least restrictive learning environment for students who do not thrive in the traditional high school or the traditional “alternative” school.  NHA works with the low-achieving as well as the gifted, meeting each student at his or her level and proceeding from there. Students who had previously not succeeded find hope – new hope that they will be able to grow and meet our high expectations.

New Hope GroupDavid Boyd visited us a few weeks back to talk about using RE material at the Academy, and he returned this week with New Hope students and staff to brainstorm — this spring, their drama department will produce the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof. We are thrilled to share that much of their set will be built using materials that they found at The Resource Exchange — from baskets to lumber to lace for the chuppah! Here is some of what they found, waiting to be loaded into the van.


This project is particularly cool because of the collection of material they’ll be using. In just one production at their school, they will reuse material from individual donors, a television show, and a local professional theater company. Through incorporating reclaimed material from The Resource Exchange in their production, students at New Hope are learning not only about what goes into creating theater, but also about how a little creativity can extend the life of used materials from the arts.

That is a lot of art-from-the-arts going on right there!


As any designer or builder knows, getting the material is just the first step. We’ll keep you posted on New Hope Academy’s production of Fiddler — from the build to opening night to strike. We’re very excited to watch this project in progress, and to share it with all of you! Best of luck to the cast and crew of Fiddler on the Roof. This is what it’s all about.

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