The Resource Exchange + FringeArts (Ombelico Mask Ensemble)

Ombelico Mask Ensemble‘s FringeArts piece Flim Flam Phantom Sham is playing this weekend in Liberty Lands Park. Why are we telling you this? Well, because…

1. it’s a super-fun-laugh-out-loud-bring-the-family-and-a-picnic kinda show

2. It’s FREE – that’s right! And during Fringe, we all know how much free theatre is appreciated.

3. And…YOU GUESSED IT! The production uses reclaimed scenic materials from The Resource Exchange!


This fun outdoor production with a small scale set uses a bunch of fake foliage that the re team salvaged from the set of a major motion picture. Ombelico was also able to use a piece of faux brick. The scenic brick is made from recycled cardboard, and we still have a bunch of sheets of it in the store!

Catch this show while you can- there’s only three shows left. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all at 6:30.

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