Reclaimed House Paint becomes Hip Hop Heritage Mural!

paint copyWe were recently visited by the staff of Hip Hop Heritage, an after-school program based at the Academy at Palumbo in South Philadelphia. Hip Hop Heritage provides high school students from all over the city with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the empowering culture and creative arts of Hip Hop. They were on the hunt for materials for a mural outside of their school, and they found just what they were looking for at The Resource Exchange.

“We used the paint as a background for three different designs that were created by three of our kids. The “radio” character on the left was designed by Jonathon, while the letters in the center “Hip Hop” were designed by Kelli, and the “microphone” character was designed by Luis. All three kids are members of our after-school arts and culture program, Hip Hop Heritage, at the Academy at Palumbo. Thanks again for supplying us with ultra affordable supplies. Our budget is small, but places like yours allow us to create on a scale that exceeds our monetary limits.”

Hip Hop Heritage paint Aaron Fahey

The Resource Exchange was thrilled to see this paint go to such great creative reuse! We often receive donations of household paints that would otherwise be disposed of improperly or would be languishing in someone’s basement or garage. We look forward to the next project Hip Hop Heritage takes on and hope they’ll continue to utilize reclaimed materials!

More about Hip Hop Heritage:
Hip Hop Heritage is an initiative of the educational branch of SEAMAAC. After school activities include Breaking, DJing, Emceeing, Graffiti Writing, Music Production, and Video Production. They also aim to provide their students with the opportunity to bring their art outside of the program’s walls and showcase it to the real world.