Opening Soon in the Fringe: ‘feral wild girl child ‘

MAGDA is a performing artist who makes original work that romances many genres: dance, theater, visual art, seminar, stand up comedy and punk highbrow experience. Her piece feral wild girl child is premiering in the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and incorporating reuse and reclaimed materials found at the RE into her set.

“I have already put everything I bought from you to great use in my piece called: feral wild girl child. The sledgehammer I used to smash balloons.”

“The ladder I used to get down two paper mache sculptures of a a tiger and snake from where they were hidden above the drop tile ceiling and the projector I am using to make some magical lighting effects including a spotlight and some “stars” on the ceiling.”

“The paint I used to re-paint the wall white so I could make another large image during the solo: every time I perform I make a new image and after each show I cover it again in white.”

“From 2012-2015 I was the Artist-in-Residence at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I taught visual art to children and young adults in the oncology units. This was some of the most meaningful work of my life. This solo is in direct response to my experiences at the hospital. It asks the question: what would a child do with paint if no adult ever told them they were doing it wrong? What would a child do if they had all the resources I could give them? This piece is made possible through an Independence Fellowship.”


Get your tickets now for feral wild girl child happening September 5th-September 30th at the BOK building, 1901 South 9th Street, Phila, PA 19148 and support creative reuse in the performing arts!

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Happy Fringe to all our Creative Customers!