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Archival Framing from Reclaimed Frames
with reCreate Featured Artist Kate VanVliet

Sunday, August 16th, 1:00-3:00

Participants will learn how to manipulate a found frame to mount paper objects archivally. This is perfect for art as well as family photographs and keepsakes, as all need archival framing in order to preserve them for future generations. Traditional archival framing is expensive and time consuming. Kate’s workshop shows how individuals can use easily available materials to make their own archival frames at a fraction of the cost.

Participants will be instructed to purchase a frame from The Resource Exchange to fit their item, and then Kate will demonstrate how to deconstruct the frame, clean it, and mount the item in each frame. Mat board and additional items that lend themselves to non-traditional framing functions, will also be available to purchase for use in your project. Kate will consult with participants about their pieces to help them find the right frames and materials.

What you need:
Bring one item that you want to frame – artwork, photograph, or mountable object.

Consumable materials and tools, including archival tape, glazier points, archival glue, windex + lint free paper will be provided by the instructor.

Workshop Cost:
$5 per person plus the cost of chosen reclaimed frame from the re
Space is limited, so call 267.997.0060 or email us at info@theresourceexchange.org to rsvp.


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