reCreate Featured Artists

We’re thrilled to have so many artists, designers, craftspeople and makers who find reclaimed items at the re and transform them into amazing things.  We support local artists that use salvaged or recycled materials by featuring their works in our store gallery, promoting them in our newsletter and blog, and offering our space for them to teach a reCreate workshop with our community members. Find out more about our past artists and get inspired by their work below!

Are you an artist who works with reclaimed materials?  Contact and ask about our Featured Artist Program to get involved!

  • Ed Keer Photography
    Ed Keer
    “I shoot film with a variety of cameras ranging from simple box cameras and plastic toy cameras to vintage consumer and professional cameras. I primarily shoot urban landscapes in Philadelphia within walking distance of my home.”
  • Colleen Hammond
    Colleen Hammond
    Colleen graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and received her BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an art educator and has taught in the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of the Arts, The Mural Arts Program and Gloucester City Community Education Program. 
  • Kyrie Greenberg
    Kyrie Greenberg
    “I am a multi-media journalist interested in everyday life. Reclaimed materials are important in my collage art because I see the impact of waste in pile up in my neighborhood of Kensington. I photograph landscapes as a way of documenting cityscapes under climate change.”
  • Trashion Doll by Karl Blau
    Karl Blau
    “My history as a fine artist can be seen on posters and album covers for my music and may be heard in headphones. The metaphor for beauty and usefulness as a matter of perspective should not go unmentioned in this short description of #trashiondolls.”
  • Rory Cohen
    “I let joy, enthusiasm, and aching love of beauty be my inspiration. I love making new things out of old things, and reinspiring old articles into useful, affordable art.” Rory Cohen is a spiritual life coach, artist, and photographer from Wyncote, PA. 
  • Allyson Church
    Allyson is a printmaker and fiber artist who draws inspiration from dreams, strange and fantastic stories, and traditional crafting. Her love of making things is matched only by her love of gardening.
  • Lea Saccomanno
    “I enjoy using repurposed materials from thrift stores and places like the Resource Exchange in my work and workshops because like the rich history behind the art of embroidery, utilizing these materials adds depth to the ‘story’ of each piece and helps lessen the burden on the planet that sustains us.”
  • Felise Luchansky
    Felise Luchansky is a visual artist who works in photography, collage and installation. She received the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Works on Paper, and has had solo exhibits at the Delaware Center the Contemporary Arts and the Mezzanine Gallery. 
  • Jenna Loz
    “Sustainability is important to me as a person and artist, but reusing materials for their essence is equally as important to my work.” Jenna Loz is a multidisciplinary artist actively earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art.
  • little bags.BIG IMPACT
    Anna Welsh is the Founder and CEO of littlebags.BIGIMPACT, a company that hand makes bags from resourced materials and fabric samples from The Resource Exchange. 15% of the proceeds are donated to Tree House Books, a literacy center and giving library in Philadelphia.
  • Carlin Ash
    Carlin Ash is a student at Maryland Institute College of Art working in illustration and fibers. Common themes in her work include urban inspired landscapes as well as femininity and the female experience. She frequently uses fibers and fabric from The Resource Exchange.
  • Christine Tischio
    In Christine’s reuse art she has explored woodburning, screenprinting, glass etching and collage. While she enjoys all forms of reuse, Christine’s true passion lies with her envelope collages.
  • Milena Belasco
    Milena Belasco is a local collage artist who uses reclaimed and found materials in multilayered 3D works meant to glean insight and create clarity through the collage process.
  • Dawn States
    “I love going outside and being in nature. Being in the woods is a beautiful and special feeling for me. By using reclaimed materials in my art I feel like I am helping to conserve and respect what is special to me.”
  • Audrey Jakab & Alejandro Berlin
    This artistic team uses reclaimed and salvaged materials in their sculptural wall hangings. Audrey finds the materials and designs the pieces, and Alejandro pieces them together. Each work depends on their collaboration.
  • Jeffrey C. Dressler
    “For me art making is an invocation, a dare to chance a mysterious return to origins.” Dressler’s work is made in part with reclaimed textural materials from The Resource Exchange.
  • Bryan DeProspero
    An abstracted approach can still feel like a landscape and have all the necessary components to read as a scene or object while simultaneously granting a more open and personalized viewing experience.
  • Edelweiss Cardenas
    Edelweiss Cardenas uses reclaimed wood and paper in works that portray first person reactions to real-world struggles such as poverty, disease, violence, and immigration.
  • Madison Pfaff
    Madison Pfaff makes abstract paintings using stretchers and paints from The Resource Exchange in addition to the salvaged wood and bedsheets she uses as her canvases. Madison sells her work under the name Wild Little Paintings.
  • Tessa Shackelford
    Tessa Shackelford’s work uses various reclaimed and found materials and has been exhibited in West Virginia, Malaysia, Mexico, Illinois, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Pennsylvania. She currently runs DumbKat Press in Philadelphia, an experimental print space exploring innovative processes and cross-disciplinary projects.
  • Tabitha Arnold
    Tabitha Arnold is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts who works primarily in textile collage and weaving. She uses reclaimed supplies from the re as well as other found and discarded materials in her pieces.
  • Jackie Rosenzweig
    Jackie Rosenzweig is a Resource Exchange customer and Tyler student who creates works with reclaimed materials to save on supplies, money, and give back to the environment and the art community.
  • Ripley Nichols
    Ripley Nichols is a Resource Exchange customer and visual artist who works within the mediums of printmaking, painting, and tapestry weavings.
  • Brittany Sweigart
    Brittany Sweigart is a fiber artist living in Philadelphia using reclaimed materials from The Resource Exchange. Her work focuses on repetition of technique, color, and shape.
  • Ryne Fuller
    Ryne Fuller is an artist working and living in Philly who addresses relationships between fashion, anthropology, and the diverse cultures of this planet through illustrations.
  • Sarah Mikolowsky
    Sarah Mikolowsky is a printmaker, soft-sculptor & floral designer currently living in Philadelphia and working in the Delaware Valley region, Tri-state, New England and the Pacific Northwest. Sarah uses reclaimed photos and other salvaged materials from the re in her work.
  • Simone Williams
    Simone Williams uses salvaged supplies from The Resource Exchange in her works of various mediums that focus on self expression and the study of her own body. Simone is currently an Art Education student at The University of the Arts.
  • Liz Silbaugh
    A regular customer of The Resource Exchange, Liz Silbaugh consistently uses reclaimed, salvaged, and found materials to create her works.
  • St. Peter’s School Student Artists
    The beautiful work of 7th graders from St. Peter’s School, which is inspired by African artwork and printed on reclaimed fabrics sourced from The Resource Exchange, will be on display in our gallery throughout February.
  • John West Sant
    After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, John West Sant moved to Philadelphia and discovered The Resource Exchange. Since his move, John has used almost solely salvaged canvases from the re for his paintings.
  • Rob Polidoro
    Rob Polidoro uses reclaimed paint and canvases from The Resource Exchange to experiment and liven up his painting practice.
  • b. botting
    b. botting is a designer, visual artist, prop stylist, and neighbor to The Resource Exchange. She uses reclaimed materials in every aspect of her life, from garment sewing to visual art.
  • Dale Rio
    Dale Rio is a local photographer who shoot primarily in film and experiments with alternative photographic methods. Her reCreate gallery will feature work made using reclaimed x-rays from The Resource Exchange.
  • Daniel Cappello
    Daniel is a visual artist and designer influenced by the geometry of Islamic art and architecture. He works out of a studio across the street from The Resource Exchange, regularly sources materials here, and is committed to creating art sustainably.
  • Em Jensen
    Em Jensen is a Philadelphia based artist attending Moore College of Art & Design. Works featured at the re throughout August are her recent digital collages that include reclaimed materials from our store. 
  • Stephen Millner
    Stephen Millner uses a wide variety of reclaimed and salvaged materials in his assemblage works, including items found at The Resource Exchange. Stephen often donates art materials to the re.
  • Kristie Landry
    Kristie Landry reuses materials in her sewing and home decor projects, often incorporating reclaimed fabric and thread from The Resource Exchange into quilts that she gives as gifts.
  • Mark Rice
    Mark is a Resource Exchange regular who uses materials from here as well as reclaimed, found, and salvaged items from all over. His works tell stories through project-based drawings and prints.
  • Sarah Kolker
    Sarah, a Philly native who has studied health and wellness practices, creates multi-layered and textured art to inspire healing, self-empowerment and social change.
  • Michael Secor
    Michael is a local artist who uses painting and the relationship between space and color to investigates his surroundings.
  • Rachel Ladebu
    Rachel is a freelance Philadelphia Artist who creates a wide variety of works, including murals, acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, and digital illustrations.
  • Jonathan DeDecker
    Jonathan is an MFA student at Tyler who uses reclaimed materials, like fabric, paper, and paint from The Resource Exchange in his mixed media works.
  • "Burying The Old Mes" Veronica Cianfrano
    Veronica Cianfrano
    Veronica Cianfrano is a multimedia artist who has been examining “the communication break down” through photographic images and memories of her familial ties and through our current reliance on digital communication.
  • Anthony C and Karen M
    Local street artists Anthony C and Karen M are Resource Exchange regulars and use salvaged materials in their mixed media works.
  • Katie Knoeringer
    Katie Knoeringer is a Philadelphia artist who uses reclaimed collage materials for her paper assemblage works that focus on animals, folklore, daydreams, and storytelling.
  • Kate VanVliet
    Kate VanVliet is a local sculptor, printmaker, and founder of the collective studio (and our neighbors!)BYO Print. Kate regularly uses salvaged, reclaimed and found items in her works.
  • Found Theater Company
    Found Theater Company is a local collective that creates new works of theater using original music, physical scores, and text inspired by a theme. Found’s sets, props, and costumes always include reused and recycled materials, many from the re.
  • Nell Stifel
    Nell Stifel is a local artist who graduated from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Working in the movie business as a scenic paint charge, Nell has painted scenery for over 40 film and television productions.
  • Clarissa Shanahan
    Clarissa Shanahan is a fine and decorative artist living in Philadelphia who makes work mostly with encaustic. Her collection of sheep paintings shown in the reCreate Gallery throughout May incorporate reclaimed paint from The Resource Exchange.
  • Eric Van Nielsen
    Eric is a painter who creates with traditional media, much of which he purchased from The Resource Exchange.  Eric is actively pursuing a path to more environmentally friendly painting, drawing and printmaking in his studio.
  • Catherine T. Nelson
    Catherine’s work takes on various forms like printmaking, drawing, sculpture and photography, and builds through improvisation and experimentation with salvaged and reused materials.
  • J. Pascoe
    J. Pascoe is a local Books Artist who uses reclaimed materials in her works and enjoys teaching others bookbinding and print making.
  • Emily Schnellbacher
    Drawn to textiles and a desire to create work from reused materials, Emily uses salvaged fabrics, thread, and other materials from The Resource Exchange in her soft sculptures and art installations.
  • Laura Downs
    Laura Downs is a re staff member and visual artist that focuses her works in reusing whatever materials are around her. Laura’s gallery at the re featured intricate paper cuttings made from salvaged books and assemblage works made from hard-to-use objects.
  • Joy Waldinger
    Joy Waldinger is an art education major at Tyler School of Art who is interested in teaching through the integration of the arts and the sciences while using repurposed and recycled materials.
  • Johannes Arthur
    Visiting artist from Ghana, Johannes Arthur, completed his internship at The Resource Exchange as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative.  He makes work from recycled materials and trains classes and artists in creative reuse and recycling.
  • Heidi Barr
    Heidi Barr is an artist working in costume design and mixed media community based installation art. Heidi uses reclaimed fabrics in her costumes and reMade tea towels, which you can purchase at The Resource Exchange.  
  • Scott Bickmore
    Scott’s work focuses on community and collaboration through the act of group crocheting and sewing in workshop settings.  His works and group pieces often use scrap fabrics and reclaimed materials.
  • Chris Haig
    Chris Haig is the properties master at The Arden Theatre Company and uses reclaimed and recycled materials in his prop and set designs at The Arden and in other theatres throughout the Philadelphia region!
  • Emily Hirshorn
    Emily’s “New Life Quilts” are made with otherwise hard to use and scrap fabric pieces from The Resource Exchange. She makes quilts, potholders, and towels.
  • Maddie Hewitt
    Maddie’s work explores  cultural history, crowd behavior, and the impact humans have on the physical world through collage made of reclaimed images and original photos.
  • Roberto Roque
    Roberto uses scraps of wood from the re and other salvaged materials to construct his series of beautiful and unique birdhouses.
  • Emily Manalo Ruiz
    Textile artist Emily uses salvaged, stained, and tattered fabrics to create her nostalgic and personal works of art.
  • Alison Mae Hoban
    Theatre artist, mask maker, and re staff member Alison makes theatrical objects from recycled materials like newspaper.
  • Dylan DeVlieger
    Artist and re staff member Dylan uses plant-based, home made inks and dyes to create his foraging and plant-life inspired paintings and drawings.
  • Joseph Carlough
    Joseph creates, prints, and sells books that he hand makes from recycled materials, including leather remnants from our store.
  • Bethany Rose Rusen
    Reclaimed materials, like scraps of hardware and lumber from the re, often make up Bethany’s eclectic assemblage sculptures.
  • Melissa Maddonni Haims
    Melissa is a fiber artist who uses recycled, reclaimed, and rescued materials to create large scale knit and crochet installations.
  • Cambridge Street Studios
    Andrew McManus, Anthony Ranalli + Jeremy Deck use reclaimed lumber and moulding to frame their beautifully detailed drawings.
  • Samantha Wittchen
    Samantha creates clothes and other personal accessories from reclaimed fabric she finds at The Resource Exchange.
  • Eileen Lillian Doyle
    Eileen is a multi-media artist and Resource Exchange employee who works with fabric, installations, sculpture, and performance art.
  • Jason M.
    Jason uses our reclaimed materials to capture the way people interact with inanimate objects in his intimate photographs
  • Kata Kolb
    Kata creates imaginative paintings, collages and one-of-a-kind SCRAPPIES out of reusable remnants from The Resource Exchange.
  • Victor Atkins
    Victor creates large paintings from reclaimed wooden stretchers and canvas that he finds at The Resource Exchange.
  • Angela McQuillan
    Angela uses scientific imagery as a jumping off point for her mixed media works that incorporate reclaimed materials.
  • Linda Soffer
    Linda’s found object assemblage works incorporate both natural and man-made materials.